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Nicole Watterson is a main character in The Amazing World of Gumball. Nicole is the mother figure of the Watterson family and is the only truly responsible member of the family. She is very dedicated to her family, and would do truly anything for them.

Nicole cares deeply for her family, so much so that she would do anything to express her love for them. Since she's the only responsible member of the family, Nicole does most of, if not all the household chores, and in addition she works long hours at The Rainbow Factory just to put food on the table. (read more...)

Latest Episode: The Date

Gumball learns about dating. (read more...)

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News Bulletin: What's Going On and Where December is upon us, as well as the end of the year. TheWigglesFan and WikiStarter Have returned from their hiatuses! WORST TIP IN THE WORLD: Lost your mind? Look no further than the lost and found! Interested? Gonna write a fanfiction novel on Gumball, but don't know where? Then go to the Gumbapedia Fanon wiki! Go down to chat mode to chat with the many interesting users on this wikia! Check out the creepy, but interesting Gumball creepypasta written by Globaluna32! Want to ask or answer a question about The Amazing World of Gumball? Then come down to The Amazing World of Gumball Answers Wiki! Gossip Grip: Your place to get rumors spreading on the wiki! A Gumball Spin-Off Movie to be coming in theaters in 2018? Appearantly, a lot of people think so. They've even created a page for it! Is this a real spin-off movie, or just spam? We'll just have to wait and see folks! A reverting war is being heavily fought, but has been resolved by an edit from user Cwisteh. A full out Did You Know? war is being fought at School Swimming Pool page! It has seemed to have reached an impact. The school year's tough, but is that the real reason top contributors StealthGhost and MissingNo. left the wiki? Or have they retired from editing altogether? NEWS UPDATE It has been said that StealthGhost will be attending a funeral this week, leaving him unable to edit here for a while. But MissingNo.'s still has some explaining to do! NEWS UPDATE It's true! School days have almost killed-off MissingNo.'s time here! This rumor is solved! Banned The following Users are blocked from this Wikia Cooldude2011, Adam10Rocks, two Wikia Contributors The following Users are banned from chat: DarPower, UnHappyEmoKid, Gumball Wikia, Zargy Gumball Wiki News brought to you by WikiStarter and Globaluna32. This has been WikiNews, News with an ironic twist!



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